National Hedgerow Week 2024

Collaborating with the Tree Council for National Hedgerow Week 2024, I got the opportunity to design and illustrate a beautiful pamphlet and poster aimed at educating children about National Hedgerow Week.

Filled with intriguing facts, charming illustrations, and enjoyable activities, this pamphlet is certain to ignite curiosity and foster a greater appreciation for the natural wonders that surround us.

You can visit your local library to pick up an interactive pamphlet and explore the enchanting world of hedgey books. Alternatively, you can download the resources directly from the website: National Hedgerow Week 2024 Resources

Walder Schuhe

Partnering with the esteemed brand Walder Schuhe I had the privilege of creating a captivating hidden objects illustration that will engage and delight young minds.

The hidden object illustration was created as a print handed out to children in stores, along with a magnifying glass. They can use it to find the 3 Walder mascots hidden within the illustration and have a chance to win a pair of shoes. The illustration is also available online to print out and colour in.

Big Brush Club

I collaborated with At Home Dental on character designs for the Big Brush Club, a program focused on teaching kids effective brushing and fostering lifelong dental hygiene habits.

These characters aim to make oral health engaging for children, with the goal of reducing dental issues over the years.

The Young Tree Grower’s Guide

I had the pleasure of collaborating with The Tree Council to create illustrations for their fantastic Young Tree Grower’s Guide! This interactive resource is designed for children and families, providing valuable insights into the art of growing trees from seed.

You can explore the full guide here: The Young Tree Grower’s Guide

Children’s books – Taffy and the Tapir Party

Taffy is off to the Elephant Ferry to go to the annual tapir party. On his way, he uses his special tapir skills to help his friends who have all lost something special to them. But will Taffy still be able to reach the Elephant Ferry on time?

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